La photographe : Margaret Thompson

How did you get into photography?

Shortly after completing my undergraduate degree I was given my first camera, a gift from my mom. I used the simple ‘point and shoot’ to document my backpacking trip through South East Asia and was doubly rewarded by being able to visually record my travels while exploring the combination of spontaneity and discernment that is unique to photography. That experience spurred me forward to the Professional Photography program at Dawson College and forward again to Grey Sparrow Studio

What is your favourite part about shooting weddings?

What I love most is documentary photography. I very much appreciate the trust and intimacy clients share with me to be able to capture their day.

What photo are you most proud of taking, and why?

I’m not sure, I have to think about this one — I guess it is always evolving. Recent work that I am proud of is a series I made on a group of fishermen living on the northern coast of Colombia.

Any favourite spots for photography around Montreal?

I always get excited for the opportunity to photograph in the family home. There is so much unspoken communication between family and friends and the feeling of vulnerability is often times heightened. It opens up a window to me about who my clients are and it carries through in the photographs. For portraits, Old Montreal is charming pretty much any way you photograph it!

What advice would you give to couples to get the best results from their photographer?

You’ve put so much of yourselves into planning this celebration, it’s time to sit back and let it happen! Remember to enjoy yourselves